To lay out, develop, construct, build, erect, demolish or do any other work in connection with any land, builidings, scheme roads highways, wells, pump, multi-storeyed builidings, tower construction, wifi hub setup, network setup,antennae installation and any construction and Infrastructure related to IT Sector and Non IT sector in India and elsewhere either on its own or in alliance with any other Person/Body/Bodies Corporate incorpated in India or abroad either under a startegic alliance or Joint Venture or any other arrangement

To engage in the business of constructing towers on a built to suit basis for client Companies.

To carry on in India or elsewhere the business to manufacutre, design, develop,formulate, buy, sell, import, export or otherwise to deal in access points, adapters, and routers, switches, bridges, gateways, transceivers, repeaters, hubs, concentrators, and related data networking devices and networking equipment.

To erect, construct, build, water proofing, sewage, demolish, fabricate, execute, carry out, improve, work, developer and enlarge, rebuild, repair, maintenance, administer, manage or control in India or abroad- on any land or immovable property of the Company or upon any other land or immovable property in any capacity and conveniences of all kinds , including turneky jobs, railway, tramway speedway, runways, roads, aerodromes, sewage, theatres, cinema halls, piers, wharvers, dams, barrages, reservoirs, embankments, canals, irrigations, power houses, transmission lines, reclamation, improvement seqage , drainage, sanitary works, for building hotels, houses, markets, private public and all kind of conveniences and to carry out business of builders and civil engineers, architects, estimators and designers thereof.

Civil work done:

  • Stations of Baroda Ahmedabad Kalol Gas Pipeline Project
  • Pump House, Sump, Staff quarters etc. of Piyaj Nardipur Pipeline Project
  • Development works at Essar Power Ltd, Hazira
  • Indian Railway Building at Sabarmati Railway Station

Horizontal Directional Drilling works of Pipeline Projects done:

  • Mora Vapi Pipeline Project
  • Anand Rajkot Pipeline Project
  • Jalandhar-Amrutsar Pipeline Project
  • Vadinar Bina Pipeline Project
  • Dahej Uran Pipelien Project
  • Dadri Vijaypur Pipeline Project
  • Joda Paradeep Slury Line
  • Salaya Mathura Pipeline Project
  • Koyli Viramgam Pipeline Project