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Here's What We Do Better

Looking forward to help your each department perform better? Explore our ERP/CRM business applications specific to your line of business - from DSS, MIS, EDP, TPS etc. Perspectives - and find Idiosyncratic Software Solutions as you like them!

eCommerce & mCommerce
How your business works and how well it delivers with technology platforms, depends on solutions built on-device, on-premise or on the cloud. Performance matters and results count! We are skilled enough to the forte of App, DB and lightweight APIs in online commerce arena.

Your website - your real face in digital marketing world! Does it differentiate a class beyond compare? Leverage our expertise - ready-to-configure to your specific needs - to give your target audience the exact feel they need!

Internet of Things(IoT)
We are very much there with our global partnerships and competency development! Namely, a few kinda - Artificial Intelligence, Robotics etc.
To begin with chatbots. Interesting? Hoonhh! Moving on from baseline development platforms of Java or Python to MS Bot Framework and many more.

Mobile App Development
From our pioneer web software to industry-leading technologies like iOS, Android, React, we have breakthrough in mobile technologies that are today's future. So, be with Bugfree, be with times!

Business Intelligence
A profound impact on customers requires a new level of orchestration to evolve your business intelligence, realizing your full business potential and value. Bugfree's BI solutions bring business and IT together to help you reimagine your enterprise application framework.